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Date: 1998-09-01
Location: Sacramento, CA - United States [14 shows here]
Venue: Cal Expo Amphitheatre [3 shows here]
Fan reviews: 1 - Add yours!
Setlist: Yes
Yes, Metallica played the State fair!! What a site that was! Metallica fans taking over the State Fair! Besides the INCREDIBLE heat the show was good. Water bottles flew every where and even got a few comments from the band to 'knock it the FUCK off!'

The set list the same ol' same ol', but Metallica seemed in good spirits dodging water bottles and lazer lights. Everybody but Lars was at the preshow meet 'n' greet. Only Jason was at the aftershow. Memorable show for me because I got me a Drumstick from Lars!! WooHoo! The boys were in good to moderate spirits.

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