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Fake Pick Comparison

There's a lot of fake picks out there. Some traders will try to pass off picks from pick tins as originals (our guide to tell the difference is here), and others distribute blatant fakes. This page aims to document the fakes.

City Picks

The most commonly faked picks are city picks. These are usually easy to spot. Here's three picks the real one is on the right the other two are fakes.

20160225_001408 20160225_001441

On the front you can see the left most one has a smaller font. The middle one is a cheaper plastic that feels much smoother than a typical pick - it's very glossy.

On the back you can see the left one has a different Metallica logo, one when the hooks of the M and the A didn't come out as wide. On the middle one its more clear the ink doesn't work so well on the cheap plastic, it's a bit purple.

Invalid Variations

Sometimes people will make a "variation" of a pick that was not actually made by the band. One example is the Dirty Donny Voodoo Rob bass pick... there's a claim that there's one with a smaller head and one with a lager head. Only the large head is real, the small head is a fake.

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