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Pick Tins vs Original Picks

Some picktins have reproductions of live picks - this page is a guide on how to tell them apart. Unless otherwise stated, the original pick is on the RIGHT in all photos!

Binge & Purge Pick Tin

This pick tin has several reproductions of old 90s picks. All the picks appear to be the same thickness as their original counterparts, but there are other differences.

The two bass picks (blue and purple) have the same characteristics... the "Metallica" logo is further down the pick, much cleaner, and much shinier than the originals.

20150911_225428 20151009_000613

Similarly the yellow snake pick has its Metallica logo lower, cleaner, and shinier than the original. In addition the pick tin snake is smaller and uses thinner lines.

20150911_225806 20150911_225841

For the green scary guy pick the logos are much more similar, and the only difference we've been able to determine is that the ink is shinier. Note: since we don't have an original scary guy pick, we're comparing the logo to other original green picks of the same timeframe, but cannot compare the scary guy side.


The Gimme Fuel Flags pick is in a simialr boat, it's very difficult to tell except for slightly shinier ink.

20150911_225939 20150911_225952

And finally the XXX is a somewhat easier to tell because the shiny ink in the Xs make all the "scratches" look like a large big line.

20150911_230118 20150911_230132

Black Vulturus Pick Tin

This pick tin contains 2 general types of picks: The Squindo Cartoon Head picks (James, Lars, Kirk, and Rob), and the 2 of the "30 years" picks (white "The First 30 Years" and black "30 Years Strong") - all with "Metallica XXX" on the back).

The Squindo Cartoon heads and the white "The First 30 Years" are all thinner than their live counterparts. You can see that here - there are two originals on the right and the pick tin version on the left in these photos.

20150911_215010 20150911_215114

Further, on you see they are a slightly different shape (pick tin is on top in the first photo).

20150911_214231 20150911_214340 20150911_214513

The black "30 Years Strong" pick is absolutely identical as far as we can tell.

White Vulturus Pick Tin

This tin has the Squindo Cartoon Skull Head picks (the skull version of the picks in the Black Vulturus Pick Tin) as well as the same white "The First 30 Years" and black "30 Years Strong" picks that the Black Vulturus Pick Tin has. Since those 2 "30 years" picks are the same across both tins, we'll only cover the Skull Head picks here.

These picks are absolutely identical in all ways except that they are thinner.

20150911_225155 20150911_225122 20150911_225037

Metallica Sux Pick Tin

This pick tin has the USA and Europe '09 'Tallica Sux picks and also a set of Dirty Donny Voodoo cartoon picks.

The 'Tallica Sux picks are fairly easy to spot as the ink is much, much lighter, the picks are thinner, and a slightly different shape than their live counterparts. Again, picktin version is on top in the stacked photos.

20150911_220036 20150911_220054 20150911_220158 20150911_215841 20150911_220454

The Dirty Donny Voodoo Cartoon ones are a bit harder. They are the same thickness as the ones above, and like others, they are a slightly different shape.

20150911_224003 20150911_224147 20150911_224336 20150911_224501

In addition the ink is a slightly lighter shade. Except Kirk who is an entirely different color!

20150911_224218 20150911_224224 20150911_224318 20150911_224435

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