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07/30/14 Hammett's Daisy Bell [link]
Kirk released a video of his version of Daisy Bell which is part of a new limited-edition charity album release The Gay Ninties Old Tyme Music: Daisy Bell. The album has various covers of the song which was popularized in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Check out the video here. Read more about it at

07/30/14 Metallica Night At Giants Game [link]
Metallica once again rocked the national anthem at the Metallica Night at AT&T park, this time in white guitars instead of black. In addition to that, Lars threw the opening pitch again, and they added to the festivities with James announcing the starting lineup. Check out the Rolling Stone coverage. And don't forget is offering a download of the national anthem performance for free!

07/30/14 James in Guitar Center Commercial [link]
James stars in a new commercial for Guitar Center. The commercial (video) is 30 seconds and is cut from a larger 13-minute video.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.

07/30/14 MusicCares MAP Fund Benefit Report [link]
Metallica covered Rare Earth (I Just Want To Celebrate), Deep Purple (When A Blind Man Cries), The Beatles (In My Life), and Ozzy Osbourne (Diary of a Madman) in their 4-song set at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit. All four songs were played on acoustic instruments. Loudwire has tons of pictures from the event and you can download whole show at

07/30/14 Rob Zombie Covers Sandman [link]
Rob Zombie recently covered Enter Sandman - check out the video here. See the story at RollingStone.

07/30/14 Lars And Gammel Dansk [link]
Along with his recent Carlsberg Lars bottles, Lars also teamed up with Gammel Dansk, another Danish alcoholic beverage to start in a campaign titled "Not Like The Others." He's in commercials as well as being part of a jury for contest. You can see that video here (Danish only).

07/30/14 Limited Edition Carlsberg Lars Bottle [link]
Lars is part of a Carlsberg ad campaign called "Stand Out Collection." Six people were chosen by the Danish brewer to design a special bottle. For his, Lars chose a photo take by Ross Halfin at a Metallica show in May 2012 at the Stade de France in Paris. Carlsberg and Lars also released a video (Danish with English subtitles).

07/30/14 Hetfield's Black Perl Wins Car of the Year [link]
James' "Black Pearl" won car of the year at the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. The car is built from scratch based on designs from Hetfield himself. The entire car is custom. The body is custom built on a modified 1948 Jaguar saloon chassis with a 375 horsepower Ford V8 engine. You can check out video and get more details at

07/30/14 Kirk and Robert to Keynote Surf Summit 17 [link]
Kirk and Robert were keynote speakers at this year's Surf Summit 17 in May at the Melia Cabo Real resort in Cabu San Lucas, Mexico.

07/30/14 Last Two Metallica By Request Shows Announced [link]
Metallica added July 13th Istanbul, Turkey and August 9 in Montreal, Canada to their By Request tour.

07/30/14 Free Metallica Show MP3s [link]
As part of the anniversary of Master of Puppets, Metallica has made MP3s of their 1986 concert at The Hammersmith Odeon in London available for free. You can download the whole show at

07/30/14 Jaco Documenteray Named Official Film of Record Store D [link]
Robert Trujillo's documentary about the late bass genius Jaco Pastorius, entitled "Jaco" was the official film of Record Store Day 2014.

07/30/14 Pinball By Request Results [link]
You may remember a few months ago Metallica and Stern Pinball ran a vote for what two additional songs would get added to Metallica Pinball (via upgrade), and voting was closed with Ride The Lightning and Blackened winning.

04/13/14 Heartbleed and IPOM Security [link]
Many of you have heard of heartbleed, a vulnerability in SSL, the technology used across the internet to send data securely such as credit card numbers and passwords. IPOM used the affected SSL software (OpenSSL), to protect users logging into the site so your password would always be safe.

We take security very seriously here at IPOM. Our software was updated Tuesday, the same day the vulnerability was announced and updates were available. However, to be truly safe, all keys need to be regenerated, and it took a few days working with our Certificate Authority to get new certificates. As of Thursday evening all new keys and certificates were deployed. If you have an account with IPOM for a Personal Tour Report, we highly recommend you change your password.

While re-visiting security, we also decided to enforce a higher quality of encryption on the secure parts of the site in order to better protect users. Unfortunately this means we had to drop support for IE 6. We officially stopped supporting IE6 quite a while ago, but it mostly meant things might not look right for IE6 users; now they will be unable to log in. While we work hard to support as many platforms and browsers as possible, IE6 is nearly 13 years old and is no longer supported by Microsoft. We feel that lowering security for the larger internet is not worth supporting IE6. With Windows XP no longer being supported by Microsoft either, we will drop support for IE7 and IE8 before 2015.

If you want to learn more about heartbleed and how you can protect yourself, you can see a write-up from your webmaster, or two other user-friendly guides here and here.

03/31/14 Robert To Do Record Store Day Meet And Greet [link]
Robert will be doing a Meet and Greet on Record Store Day (4/19) at The Sound Garden record store in Baltimore! At 4pm he will be there with his wife for the meet and greet and at 6pm, Trujillo will join jazz bass legend Jaco Pastorius' sons John and Felix at Vale Tudo for a couple hours to spin R&B and jazz records from Jaco's personal record collection. Watch for details.

Thanks to Brad Dier for the heads up!

03/24/14 Metallica's Dio Tribute [link]
Rolling Stone has premiered Metallica's Dio Tribute! Read the article and check out the amazing song here.

03/19/14 Lords of Summer Lyrics [link]
In the great tradition of IPOM, we have spent the evening deciphering the lyrics from the Lords of Summer demo and are the first to bring them to you! They're probably not perfect, but we believe they're very close! Check them out!

03/19/14 Lords of Summer Demo [link]
Metallica has posted the studio demo of Lords of Summer (yes, they've dropped the "the" from all references on, which you can find on YouTube.

03/17/14 MusiCares MAP Fund [link]
Metallica will be performing at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert when Ozzy Osbourne will be presented with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award on Monday, May 12 in Los Angeles, CA.

The event takes place at Club Nokia and general admission balcony seats for $50 per person are available only through AXS and are on sale now.

03/16/14 The Lords of Summer [link]
Metallica premiered a new song tonight: The Lords of Summer! Official video will be up soon, but in the meantime, check it out on here or here.

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