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Privacy Policy

IPOM takes your privacy very seriously. Privacy policies can be complicated, but we want to make it simple. Here's what we promise:

Stored Data

As of this writing these are the places IPOM may request and store data about you.

Creating an account

When you create your account we require an email address from you which is stored on our servers to identify you in the future. In addition we ask for a password we will use to authenticate future logins. We also store the Handle you pick for yourself, along with any preferences the site uses, such as if you'd like your Tour Report to be public or private.

Tour Report

If you make a Tour Report then we save the list of shows you have seen so we can generate your report for you whenever you want - or whenever you share it.

Facebook Permissions

As of this writing, if you log into IPOM with Facebook, we will only request access to the email address on your Facebook account so that we may associate your IPOM account with it.

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