Who is IPOM?

Here is a little information about all of the IPOM Staff members. Also check out the IPOM Staff Letters.


Phil is the founder and webmaster of IPOM. It started as a small little idea, and turned into a massive website, and quest for knowledge. Phil handles all the technical aspects: scripts, code, etc., and makes sure everything goes according to plan. Feel free to email him.

I'm currently a Production Engineer at Facebook.

I've always been interested in computers, starting when I was 4 and got an Apple IIc (haven't had an Apple since). These days I'm a Linux user and an ardent open-source advocate, I also play guitar, sing (I was in school choirs since I was in 5th grade), and hang with my friends. I'm a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. I currently live in San Francisco, CA.


Bec started helping around the site in August 2015. She started by running Metallica Mentions and helping with cleanup and various other jobs around the site. We look forward to seeing where it goes!

I was comparatively late to the party, but can say I've found "home" with Metallica. I love Metallica, touring, being on the road and meeting people, and learning about Intellectual Property. I currently live Down Under, in Canberra, Australia.


A few other people who aren't part of the IPOM Staff have really done a lot for IPOM. Dave Zangara was the longest staff member and did untold amounts of work in tons of different areas. Liz Ross is responsible for many of the original graphics on this site, prior to Pablo joining the staff. Pablo was our "Graphics Prince" for a while, and helped us with our move to Dan Walpole has been more than generous with the massive amount of knowledge and Metallica dates in his brain! Chapter Inc. has also been a major help with info and support! Josh Ashman has shared those long hours trying to decipher Load and Reload and Garage Inc. lyrics with Phil! Tim Carras has donated his time and talents to add new graphics to the site as well. Previous staff members include Lana Morganella, Anna Watts (IPOM Mom), Doug Erbeck (News King), Matt McKenzie (Graphics Guru), Nathalie Palmetshofe (Graphics GIrl), and Pablo Corona (Graphics Prince).

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