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Welcome to the Contest section of IPOM. Here you will find contests in which you can win prizes!

To celebrate the launch of the first IPOM redesign in 10 years, we have a special contest. In the spirit of our redesign it's a bit different than previous contests.

Contest #15

Winners will be picked in a random drawing. There are several ways to enter, and various methods will be worth a certain amount of "entries" that go into the drawing. You can enter as many times as you'd like.

Contributing to the site is how you get entries. In particular, contributions to the Tour Archive and/or Message Center in the following ways may be eligible.

To submit setlists or reviews, simply email them to us.

Now, here comes the fine print. It is up to the IPOM Staff to determine what entries are eligible and not eligible. We reserve the right to throw out entries for a variety of reasons.

Any entries we believe to be fake or insufficient will not be counted. Some reasons an entry may be disqualified would be...



All of the entries will be put in a hat (it may be an elecronic hat), and winners will be selected at random.

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