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2015-07-26 Site Updates [link]
We released two major site updates today.

First, we pushed a fairly major update to the way the core of the site works. For most pages on the site, if you are logged in you will see a note in the upper right hand corner. The members-login concept started when we made Personal Tour Reports, and we didn't update the rest of the site to take advantage of it because we wanted to work out any bugs in that code. It's now integrated into the core of the site, so for example, if you are logged in and want to post in the Message Center we will automatically fill on your handle and email for you. Expect more conveniences for members in the future. To celebrate, we've taken the beta label off of Personal Tour Reports and Members sections.

Second, the site is now 100% HTTPS - that means, your connection to IPOM is always encrypted. Previously we'd encrypt connections that would send sensitive things like passwords, but nothing else. However, we believe that your privary is important and it's none of anyone's business what you choose to browse - not your ISP nor the government, and so we now encrypt all connections to IPOM.

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